Heat Insulation

  • Electrical heated shaft furnace in refractory brickwork with arch bricks
  • Flange of furnace with band-modules fixed with spezial anker-body out of CrNi-steel
  • Rear insulating with microrous plates and compressed insulating material

    Outside diameter: approx. 2.650 mm
    Height of furnace: approx. 3.730 mm
    Max. temperature: 1000°C
  • Complete refractory lining of a gas heated hearth furnace
  • Produced in refractory brickwork
  • Top of the furnace as vaulted ceiling (arched slab)

    Inner width: approx. 2.380 mm
    Inner depth: approx. 3.700 mm
    Inner height: approx. 2.000 mm
  • Hearth plate made with refractory concrete
  • Flat hearth with split-lines (3 x 5 blocks)

    Max. temperature: 950°C
    No. of gas burners: 6 pieces per side
    Insulating thickness: 465 mm
  • Basement of furnace in multi-layer, brickwork construction
  • Cylinder in refractory brickwork with arch bricks in leightweight quality
  • Cut for gas burner and exhaust cast from high temperature resistant refractory concrete

    Temperature: 900°C
    crucible-Ø: 880 mm
    Heating: 1 gas burner (tangential)
  • Basement in layed brick design with leightweight stones with embedded cooling channels
  • Insulating with vacuum formed segments and suspended meander heating elements

    Effective-Ø: 2.200 mm
    Effective height: 11.000 mm (max. stage of expansion)
    Heating power: 1992 kW
    No. of heating zones: 10
  • Rear insulating with mineral wool and ceramic fibre
  • In total 5 shots stacked and separately removable

    Housing Outer - Ø: 4.000 mm
    Housing - height: 13.500 mm in total
    Max. weight of charge: 100 t
    Max. temperature: 850°C
  • Multi layer insulating at the top of a furnace with ceramic fibre
  • Fixation per welded bolts and clips
  • Insulating of a furnace door  of a hearth furnace in tab-module from ceramic fibre
  • Heating perches fixed with welded pins
  • Heating spirals supported by ceramic tubes
  • Complete refractory lining of a gas heated feed-type furnace
  • Side panel section from walled leightweight bricks (high temperature resistant)
  • roof, end walls and revision openings with compressed tab-modules from ceramic fibre

    Dimension: approx. 2,1m x 2,38m x 8,65m
    Max. temperature: 900° C
    Heating: 14 jet pipe burners, horizontal
    Atmosphere: Endogas resp. N2